What Kind Of Area Rug Pad/Gripper Do You Need?

Once you have made the investment in your new area rug, the next purchase you will need to consider is a quality area rug pad.

What should   you look for in a quality area rug pad?​​​​


Your pad should firmly grip your area rug and keep it in place even in high traffic areas.


Your pad should be made from high quality materials with no fillers and last for years.

Eco Friendly

Your pad should be sustainable and made from recycled and/or natural materials.

Floor Protection

Your pad should protect your floor and should not mar, scratch, stain, or strip your floor finish.

Sound Dampening

Your pad should help to reduce the transmission of sound, both below your rug and in the room.

Cushion & Comfort

Your pad should provide resilience, cushion and additional comfort and not flatten out over time.

We have given you our recommendations of what you should look for in a quality area rug pad above. Now here is a short list of a few things that we would not recommend:

  • We would not recommend - low quality rug pads that may contain fillers, pvcs, adhesives, and phthalates (a group of toxic chemicals that can "off gas" and negatively affect the air quality in your home).
  • We would not recommend - 2-Sided Carpet Tape. Some years ago, we personally tried using 2-Sided Tape to secure carpet tiles in a booth at a home show (carpet tiles to concrete). When the show was over, we could not get the tape off of the concrete. I repeat, the tape would not come off! Imagine if that was your hardwood floor, or your new area rug. Yikes! I realize that it may have just have been the tape we used, but I'm not willing to take a chance on an expensive hardwood floor or area rug, and I'm guessing you aren't either. 
  • We would not recommend - using silicone calking on the bottom of your rug to keep it in place.
  • We would not recommend - nailing your pad to the floor with carpet tacks. No, we aren't kidding, we have actually seen this recommended.

Damaged hardwood floor from a low quality rug pad

You should now have a good idea of the quality of the area rug pad you will need. Now you need to choose the right pad for the type and thickness of the rug you purchased, and the type of floor on which your rug will be installed.

Good manufacturers and retailers will gladly extend a guarantee and/or warranty with their area rug pad. 

For example, if your rug has an abrasive scrim backing like many machine rugs have, a rug pad is a necessity, especially over a hardwood floor. If your rug has low pile, like a flat-weave, or many hand knotted rugs, then choosing a high rug pad might leave a noticeable ridge near the edge of the rug and a thinner pad might be the better choice.

It is also worth noting, that your rug pad will be approximately 1” – 1.5” less than your rug, all the way around. You need to remember that if you are the one installing your rug and allow that margin when you are placing your rug and pad.

The following is a selection of quality area rug pads that we have provided for your consideration:

(Disclosure: We will make a small commission should you choose to purchase one of these rug pads.)

Thin Rug Pad

This type of pad is made of felt upper and natural rubber backing, and is suitable for hardwood and laminate floor types. It is available in the very thin thickness of - 1/16"

Thin Rug Pad Roll
Rug Pad

This type of pad is made of felt upper and natural rubber backing, and is suitable for most floor types. It is available in 3 different thicknesses - 1/3", 1/4", 7/16"

Rug Pad Roll
Eco Rug Pad

This type of pad is made of natural rubber and natural jute and is suitable for most floor types. It is very thin so is ideal for runners, small rugs, and under doors.

Eco Rug Pad Roll
rug pad

This type of pad is made of 100% recycled felt upper and natural rubber backing, and is suitable for most floor types. It is available one thickness of - 1/8"

rug pad roll