Can I Have An Area Rug Outside?

Outdoor area rugs have become very popular in the last few years as home owners continue the trend towards outdoor living. It makes perfect sense to dress up and frame a furniture grouping on a patio in the same way we would indoors, especially with all of the beautiful designs that are now available.  

Not only does an outdoor rug complement aesthetically, it can also serve a practical function too. For example, concrete that receives direct summer sun can get very hot, even to where it can burn your feet. A few well placed rugs on a patio, or pool deck will solve this problem, generally without breaking the bank.

Outdoor Rug On Roof Terrace
Outdoor rug on wooden patio

Outdoor rugs are almost exclusively constructed from synthetic polypropylene, which is very capable of withstanding the rains of summer. And they can be vacuumed in the same way an indoor rug can, just be sure it’s dry when you vacuum.

Just be sure when you purchase an outdoor rug that it is really designed for outdoor use. Some polypropylene rugs don’t have a polypropylene backing. I used to sell a polypropylene rug that had a jute backing, which wouldn’t be an acceptable candidate for outdoor use. All of the rug materials/fibers need to be able to withstand getting wet.

Outdoor rug on patio
Outdoor rug on deck

Then when the days start to get too cool to sit out on the patio simply roll up your rug and store it with your patio furniture until the warm weather comes back around.