Over the last few decades the popularity of area rugs, has grown exponentially, mirroring the upward trend of hard surface flooring. Home owners have warmly embraced hardwood, laminate, tile and luxury vinyl plank as alternatives to traditional broadloom carpet. It is not uncommon to see hard surface flooring as the choice for the majority of a home, relegating broadloom to the bedrooms and often eliminating it all together.

The reasons for this are varied; including the thought that broadloom presents a health hazard by trapping dust and promoting allergies. It’s not for me to say one way or the other if this is the case, both sides have presented compelling arguments to support their respective positions.

other reasons for the shift to hard surfaces are as follows:

  • 1
    They simply look very nice, and the choices seem to be endless and growing daily.
  • 2
    The new hard surfaces wear longer, where broadloom needs to be replaced periodically. The replacement time for hard surfaces is typically much longer.
  • 3
    Hard surfaces are generally easier to keep clean and are more forgiving of spills and general traffic soiling.

However, once a homeowner switches to a hard surface floor, a space can then seem cold, and undefined. That’s when area rugs come to the rescue. The right area rug can, and should, provide the finishing touch to your design creation, by framing and completing the space.

Let Me Introduce Myself:

I have been in the area rug business for the better part of two decades and have imported a wide variety of rug types, and designs, from all around the world into North America. Let me simply say; "I am passionate about area rugs"! 

To stay current with the latest design trends, I regularly attended the world’s largest flooring shows in Germany and the US; walking the endless miles of merchants exhibiting the latest in fashion textiles and colors for the home.

My rugs found there way into large home outlets, furniture stores, gift stores, flooring stores, and designer showrooms.

Although I have taken a step back from the hustle and bustle of that busy world, I still have a strong interest in the flooring business, which I am happy to pass along to you. I would be so pleased if I can be of assistance, in the purchase of your next area rug! 

To that end I have written several articles, that I hope will make your research not only informative, but enjoyable as well, wherever you might be on your rug research journey. There are articles on fibers, weaves, looms, cleaning tips, rug jargon and much more.

 So enjoy..... and may you find your perfect rug!


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